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Want to know the most important element of your business?

It isn’t the amount of money you have. It’s all about cash flow.

it’s a new year. And that makes it the perfect time to refocus and hone your business strategy. It’s time to figure out your cash flow. That’s where FFP can help.

What Makes Cash Flow More Important Than Cash?

A healthy cash flow tells you a lot more about the future of your company than any other single measurement.

Think about it: having a lot of money means very little if you’re going to burn through it. Instead, you have to think about your business as a process, something that is happening in real time. Just looking at assets on hand gives you a snapshot that might prove totally useless in a few weeks.

Foley’s Faster Payments (FFP) Unlocks Cash Flow

You need to get money coming in to build up a strong cash flow, and that’s what FFP does.

We offer tailored solutions with no setup fees and 24/7 customer service. And with our same or next-day payments, you can keep your cash flow fluid and dynamic​​.

This helps you with a wide range of payments, including:

  • Card machines
  • Online payments
  • Phone payments
  • EPOS systems

Ready to Transform Your Cash Flow?

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Start by arranging a no-obligation consultation with our team. Together, we’ll explore how our personalized packages can support and enhance your business’s cash flow in 2024.

Contact us today and get the year started right.

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At FFP, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, from start to finish – in fact, with us there is no finish. We are always here for ongoing support and know that our machines and technology can help you deliver excellent customer experience and service within your business.

We love seeing businesses grow and sharing that success across our community. We are here to help with simple and effective card payment solutions to suit your individual business needs.